Your Trusted Retailer in the Open Electricity Market of Singapore

Your Trusted Retailer in the Open Electricity Market of Singapore

17 Jan 2020

The Open Electricity Market – or OEM – empowers consumers in Singapore to have financial control of their energy needs and enjoy greater savings over the regulated electricity tariff. As the largest energy generator in Singapore, Senoko Energy plays an instrumental role in powering the nation. With various price plans catered for different consumption habits, consumers have greater choice and can power up their homes with an appropriate electricity plan that is suitable to their consumption patterns and budget.

Our power generation plant has supplied energy to the electricity market in Singapore for over 40 years, strengthening our expertise in this field. This allows us to provide intelligent and innovative solutions for energy with the consumer in mind. Alongside new technologies, we continue to supply cleaner and high-quality energy to support global sustainability efforts.

Our energy plans in the Open Electricity Market offer competitive rates among the retailers in Singapore. We understand the consumer’s daily energy needs and help to meet them with the best cost-saving deals while bringing value to customers through Senoko Smart Rewards and promotions. Power up with Senoko Energy and enjoy great returns!

What Sets Us Apart In The Electricity Market

Trusted Leader in the field

We come with a legacy of supplying the electricity market in Singapore with quality solutions for over 40 years and industry standards you can trust.

Innovative Offerings

From lifestyle offers to exclusive giveaways, our customers get to enjoy greater value with our Senoko Smart Rewards.

Personalised customer service

With our quick and friendly customer service, we address your queries with professionalism and dedication.
Rate Comparison with SP

Switch To An OEM Retailer And Save On Electricity Costs

The current regulated electricity tariff by SP Group is 25.02 cents/kWh for Q3 2021. Take advantage of the Open Electricity Market in Singapore and save more than 30% each month with our electricity plans.

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Hear From Our Customers

"We chose Senoko Energy because they have a flexible 12-months plan. The sign-up experience was pretty easy. and everything was up and running almost immediately!"

- Milly, Senoko Energy customer

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Get Powered With Senoko Energy

With the Open Electricity Market, you can enjoy straightforward pricing plans that are far lower in comparison to the current regulated tariff. Among the electricity retailers in Singapore, our competitive prices reflect current consumer needs and ensure stability against future market conditions and demands.

Since the launch of the Open Electricity Market in May 2019, 49% of households have made the switch to their preferred OEM retailer^ and have enjoyed satisfying results on their monthly bills.

Make the switch and save up with Senoko Energy today!

^ As of 7 May 2021 according to the Energy Market Authority

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Refer A Friend For A Bill Rebate

Enjoy attractive returns in the Open Electricity Market on top of our competitive pricing plans.

When you refer a friend to switch to Senoko Energy, both of you will receive a one-time $30 rebate off the electricity bill. Earn your dollar with your friend!

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Recommended Plans

Switch and enjoy rates from 30.98¢/kWh (incl. GST) vs SP regulated tariff of 31.82¢/kWh (incl. GST).

Kindly note that the price plans published below are subject to changes. Please sign up now to lock in the rates below.


12 months plan



Lock in our low 12-month fixed rate


24 months plan



Lock in our low 24-month fixed rate


24 months plan



Lock in our low 24-month fixed rate


How much can I save by switching to an electricity retailer?

You can save approximately 30% of your electricity bill when you make the switch from SP Group to any Senoko Energy price plans.

To give an example: with an average monthly electricity bill of $100, you can save around $30 by switching to Senoko Energy.

Maximise your savings now with our exclusive offers and promotions.

What are the electricity price plans I can choose from?

Senoko Energy offers a variety of fixed rate and discount-off tariff (DOT) standard electricity price plans. Fixed rate plans require that you pay a fixed rate throughout the duration of your contract. While the rate is not subjected to fluctuations during your contract, it may be higher or lower than the SP’s regulated tariff which fluctuates every quarter. Discount-off tariff plans offer a discount off the prevailing SP’s regulated tariff price, which is revised every quarter. This means that your electricity rate is a floating rate and you are assured guaranteed savings off the quarterly regulated tariff.

How do I make the switch to Senoko Energy?

Switching to Senoko Energy is easy and can be done in various ways:

  • Sign up online
  • Head down to our roadshows near you
  • LiveChat with our friendly Customer Solutions Specialist directly on our website
  • Connect with us if you need further assistance with making the switch

Best of all, no registration fees are required to switch.

How long will the switching process take?

The transfer process will take us 6 working days upon receiving your application and supporting documents. Learn more on the switching process.