Accounts and Contracts

Accessing online billing portal, updating your account, and renewing your contract.

Where can I get information about my account and consumption details?

All business customers of Senoko Energy with a custom business solution will be able to access our online customer billing portal, Spark. Through this portal, you will be able to monitor your business electricity consumption details (E.g. half-hourly consumption profile) and track your electricity bills.

For businesses with a standard plan, you may access your business account and energy consumption details on My Account.

To register your business for a Spark account, please follow the steps below:

· Fill out your application form

· Print a copy of the form.

· Complete your application form with a company stamp and authorized signature.

· Scan a copy of your application form and email it to us

If you have not received your user ID or password, please reach out to us and we will gladly re-send this to you.

How do I navigate my Spark business account?

You can log in to Spark, our online customer billing portal.

We encourage you to view our YouTube video tutorial series on how to navigate your Spark account.

Who can I contact for assistance on my Senoko Energy account?
If you have any queries regarding your account or wish to make any changes/updates to your account, please feel free to call our Customer Solutions Specialists or send us an enquiry.
How are my meter readings recorded after being contestable?
You will no longer be receiving a start read and end read, but you will be receiving the actual kWh usage for your premise through remote metering.
How do I check if I am charged correctly for my utilities usage?

Meter data is downloaded by MSSL (SP Group). This ensures the highest level of accuracy in your electricity charges.

You can keep track of your past electricity consumption and bills by logging in to Spark, our online Customer Service Portal.

Are there additional charges for installing a new meter?

For non-contestable business consumers who would like to gain contestability, you will need to install a new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) electricity meter. An AMI meter allows for a more accurate reading as it reads electrical consumption every half hourly, whereas the SRLP meter are read by MSSL every 2 month.

The installation charge by SP PowerGrid is priced at $40/meter (excl GST). Senoko Energy absorbs the AMI meter fee for all first-time AMI meter users.

What should I do if I suspect that my electricity meter is faulty?

You can request for a meter test through SP PowerGrid (SP Group) at 1800 778 8888. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will liaise with SP PowerGrid (SP Group) on your behalf.

An administrative fee will be imposed (by SP Group) for each test and this is fully refundable if the meter is tested to be faulty.

I am moving my business to a new premise. How do I transfer my service?
Contact our Customer Solution Specialist or email us and inform us of on your intention for relocation. Our experienced team will be pleased to assist you accordingly.
Will there be any early termination fees if I did not fulfil my contract?
Yes, early termination fees will be imposed where applicable if the consumer did not fulfil the full contract term.
My contract is expiring. What should I do?

Before your contract expires, we will send out a notice to you with renewal instructions.

You may choose to continue with Senoko Energy by reviewing other electricity price plan suitable for you prior to your contract end date for your renewal term.
Alternatively, if you wish to terminate the intent of renewal, please inform us at least ten (10) business days in advance, before the contractual end date.

How do I close my account with Senoko Energy?
Please contact our Customer Solution Specialist. We will issue your final billing and inform MSSL on your behalf on your intent to terminate your contract with us.
Can I switch back to SP Group?
Yes, you can. Before your contract ends, we will send you a notice of renewal. If you wish to terminate your intent of renewal, please inform us at least ten (10) business days before the contractual end date.
If my account is no longer with Senoko Energy, how do I terminate my recurring GIRO/credit card payment?
As your GIRO/credit card payment is tied to your personal bank account, you will have to inform your bank to authorize cancelling the recurring payment.